Safety is number one on our list when operating any heating equipment. All of our rental units come with built-in safety features for startup and operation. When renting from Onsite HVAC Rentals, you can rest assured that we will suggest the appropriate equipment for your application so that your space is brought to the applicable temperature, remains safe, reliable, and hazard-free, and the equipment is operating in the most cost-effective ability.

For example, our construction heater rentals are equipped with several safety features. Some of these include:

  • Electronic flame safety technology
  • Air Flow sensors that guarantee the heater is free from obstructions
  • Built-in thermostats for cost-effective operation

In addition to these safety features, Onsite HVAC Rentals construction heater rentals operate on 110V electric power using propane, natural gas, or diesel fuel. Other options include 240V 1Ph, 220V 3Ph, and 480V 3Ph.

What are construction heaters used for?

Our construction heaters are typically used for heating spaces that require temperatures of approximately 50 degrees to allow for drywall, paint, adhesive applications, and finish work to be completed. If a site has been affected by heavy rain or excessive moisture, a construction heater paired with one of our commercial dehumidifiers would be necessary to dry the space appropriately to allow for construction and finish work to proceed so that the job can stay on schedule.

They can also be used to provide comfortable and consistent heat throughout any project. No matter the use, we always ensure that you are fully informed about the equipment, its capabilities, and its limitations. We pride ourselves on full disclosure of how our equipment will help you on your job by sharing our experiences and vast knowledge of our equipment and industry expertise.

Keeping your job site safe is our top priority. That’s why we’re proud to offer the best temporary heating solutions for your job or construction site.

Interested in renting our construction heaters? Contact our experts at Onsite HVAC Rentals today!