In the hot summer months, we were brought onto a job at a large warehouse used to store beverages for distribution. The building was designed to keep everything at or below 66 degrees Fahrenheit. They were equipped with 200 tons of cooling.

Heat Affecting Temperature Sensitive Deliveries

At the start of the summer, temperatures within the warehouse were beginning to exceed the maximum threshold of 72 degrees F and on several occasions, temperatures were reaching 75-80 degrees F.

OnSite HVAC Rentals discovered that the contents of the beverage deliveries were arriving at a temperature exceeding 90 degrees F due to the heat in the delivery trailers during transit.

Our calculations determined that the facilities AC needs were 200 tons short of what was required to maintain the warehouse’s ideal storage temperature of 68 degrees F. Although this application should have called for refrigeration infrastructure instead of air conditioning, the customer didn’t have the time or budget to make this change. These changes could have taken over 8 months to complete and would cost nearly 1 million dollars in infrastructure.

A Quick Cooling Solution for the Building

OnSite HVAC Rentals quickly mobilized 200 additional tons of cooling and pumped that cold air into the building. This method quickly adjusted their temperatures to back within their specified limits and kept them on track for summer storage.

We placed two 50-ton trailer-mounted units and four 25-ton trailer-mounted units at the site. From there, we connected to a house power source using nearly 1200 feet of cable. Hot gas bypass equipped units allowed for cooler air temperatures to return to the air-cooled AC units, resulting in a 50 degree F supply of air.

A great job to all who were involved. Another portable AC rental in the books!


A few of our portable air conditioners working to cool a large warehouse for cold beverages.

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