Construction sites bring unique challenges. With a lack of traditional HVAC systems, construction sites have drafts and inefficiencies that can plummet temperatures.

A temporary heating system from OnSite HVAC Rentals can bring much-needed warmth and safety to your job site.

Getting the most out of your temporary heater depends on the efficiency of your construction site.

To help you keep a more temperate job site, we’ve highlighted the three most important heating efficiency solutions for construction sites:

1. Heat where you need, not where you don’t.

Use temporary enclosures to break your construction site into smaller portions. By restricting the size of your working space, you can heat only the areas where employees are working or in finishing areas that need the heat, rather than wasting money heating the entire site.

2. Seal windows with plastic or plywood.

This inexpensive solution goes a long way. Just like winterizing your home, covering windows at a construction site decreases drafts and reduces heating costs. Bonus: It also reduces moisture in your space, which can cut down on mold exposure and shorten drying times.

3. Be smart with settings.

Running your temporary heater for hours on end is an incredibly inefficient way to use it. Minimizing fuel costs are crucial, so be sure to set your thermostat to your desired temperature. Then you’re unit will automatically shut down when the desired temperature is reached and turn back on when it starts to dip.

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