Temporary heating for construction sites is crucial. Winters can be brutal and making sure the weather isn’t affecting your project’s timeline is a unique challenge.

How do you heat a job site with no windows or no walls? How can you make sure you are effectively heating a space without exposing your workforce to dangerous fumes?

The type of temporary heating you choose will depend on the specific site, climate, power source, and moisture levels at your job site.


There are four main types of temporary heating solutions:


Electric Heaters


Electric heater rentals provide 100% clean heat, are flameless and don’t add moisture to your environment. They are easy to install and, in most cases, easily maneuverable. Electric heating rentals range from 5,000 to 200,000 BTUs, from 10kw to 60kw. Some electric heat requires access to higher voltages and high amperage power.

Direct-Fired Heaters


Direct-fired heater rentals provide you the most bang for the buck because they convert nearly 100% of the fuel source to useable heat for your space. Every unit is UL and/or CSA rated for safety of operation. They can operate on propane, natural gas, or diesel fuel and have built-in thermostats. Since safety is always a major concern, our units have built-in safety features for startup and operation. These simple, yet safe units can be operated with piece-of-mind knowing that operation is hassle-free.

Indirect-Fired Heaters


Indirect-fired heater rentals are the only choice when you are in an enclosed area that is tightly sealed, with no windows or doors opening to the fresh air outside. Only fresh air will come out of the vents while the combustion by-products are forced outside. Indirect-fired heater rentals will not add moisture to the air. They will only provide you with fresh, clean, dry air — just like in your home. Corded thermostats are included with most indirect fired heater rentals as well as ductwork. Most are sitting on wheels making portability to other locations simple.

Construction Heater Rentals


Construction heater rentals also convert nearly 100% of the fuel source to useable heat. They use electronic flame safety technology; airflow sensors that guarantee the heater is free from obstructions; and built-in thermostats for cost-effective operation. OnSite HVAC Rental’s construction heater rentals operate on 110V electric power using propane, natural gas, or diesel fuel and have built-in thermostats and safety features.


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