If you’re thinking about renting or purchasing heating equipment from OnSite HVAC Rentals, we want to help you make sure you get the most out of our product!

Our experts provided a breakdown of important things to think about when renting or purchasing heating equipment for your commercial building:

Understand the Specifics of Your Building

Before renting or buying, you need to know basic information about the building:

  • What stage of construction is the project in?
  • Is there a roof? Walls? Windows? Doors? Insulation? What is included?
  • What are the desired temperatures?
  • Where is the job located?
  • What kind of power or fuel is available?
  • Who is responsible for the utility bills?

How To Determine Heat Loss

Heat loss can be determined based on the stage of construction. Our team determines the required BTUs (British thermal unit, a unit of heat) to heat the space by identifying the stage of construction and providing a heat multiple based on the cubic feet of the space.

Typical construction heating goals include maintaining a temperature for all aspects of drywall to be completed, painting, construction using adhesives to cure properly, and finish work and trim to be completed. Having the temperature in the space at an appropriate level allows for a quality build to be completed. It can also minimize any call backs to the job site to repair any items that need attention due to the temperature changes from the winter construction process to when the permanent HVAC equipment was fully installed and operational.

How To Determine Which Temperature Is Best?

Determining the temperature depends on your needs, and everyone’s is different. For general construction, our experts recommend 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit as a good standard.

If you want to learn more about heating, check out our recommendations on electric heat for construction applications.

Need help creating a plan for heating your commercial space? Contact Onsite HVAC Rentals today!