Flooding is a big inconvenience for many that are affected by it, but the reality is that it happens from time to time. At OnSite HVAC Rentals, we want to help you stay ahead of unexpected mishaps to prevent any long-term damage.

When you experience flooding in an area, it’s important to rent a dehumidifier and get it into your space as soon as possible.

Act Fast

The sooner you can dry out your space, the better. It’s important to dry the area out quickly to prevent mold and mildew growth. These conditions could lead to significant remediation and abatement which could include removing floors, baseboard, drywall, and insulation. It could also require mold remediation and air quality testing. Then you’ll have to rebuild everything including reinstalling insulation, drywall patch and paint, baseboard and trim installation and paint, flooring installation, and final air quality testing.

Getting the Right Sized Unit

When selecting a dehumidifier, it’s essential that you get the right-sized unit for your flooded space.

Home Depot and large box store dehumidifiers are only meant to remove humidity from the air and are not meant for removing water and moisture after a flood.

Make sure you use the appropriately sized equipment for your needs. Box store dehumidifiers are adequate for maintaining proper humidity levels in the air in a space that is prone to damp or moist conditions. These box store dehumidifiers DO NOT have the capabilities of commercial units meant to remove humidity and moisture from saturated floors, walls, insulation, and baseboards.

Call a Professional

Don’t try to take on this big task all by yourself. Call in a professional who specifically deals with this equipment to recommend the best approach.

Our experts at OnSite HVAC Rentals can suggest specific equipment for your particular needs.

Be Patient

Even commercial dehumidifiers take time to work. It’s always best to leave a commercial dehumidifier running for as long as possible (a minimum of 1 week) to ensure you have treated your space thoroughly. This can help ensure that you won’t have to treat the space again.

Some may say that your space can be dried out in a couple of days, but this is often only in reference to the moisture on the surface. Properly positioned units will eventually start to draw moisture out of walls and insulation when left in place long enough to do the job.


There are significant price breaks based on the length of rental and the number of pieces of equipment being rented. Ask our team about long-term rental options and pricing to learn more.

Contact OnSite HVAC Rentals to start discussing your dehumidifier needs today.